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Class Topics

–  How to integrate a physioball into everyday use 
– Which toys and materials to utilize to have maximum enrichment and functionality for your child’s development
– How to keep your child safe without placing them in a container
– How to carry your child based on their muscle tone and head control
– Stay strong and comfortable during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum
– Make tummy time productive, fun and enjoyable 
 – Help your child stay on track with their milestones, and learn how to help them reach their milestones with the appropriate form
– When a referral to physical, occupational, or speech therapy would be appropriate-What to expect in the next phase of development
-How to promote symmetrical movement in your child, and why it is important
– Why walking sooner isn’t better, and how to help your child walk with flat feet

Weekly check ins with the doctor

Do you stay awake at night wondering if your child is doing ok? Do you find yourself wondering if you are giving your child enough to advance their development? Does the term mom guilt resonate with you? Would you like guidance related to which toys will encourage vs inhibit your child’s development? Then you’ve come to the right place! At M&G, we want to prevent the need for physical therapy later on in life by providing education and tools early on to help your little ones progress through their milestones effortlessly.
Enroll in our Keeping up with the Milestones package that includes the following:

• 15-minute monthly check-in with the doctor (physical therapist)
• Tips on age-appropriate toys and devices
• Fun and easy ways to stimulate your child
• Positions and games that promote overall development
• Exercises that work on any areas in which your child may need a little boost


This package is ideal for new moms, or moms with newborns, and a great gift for a soon-to-be mom. If the child ends up needing skilled physical therapy services in the future, any funds paid towards this package will be applied to the cost of the initial evaluation.

(This service is available for moms throughout the USA)

$50 one time fee, and then
2 month enrollment minimum: $200/month ($1025 value)
discounted rate for 6-9 months enrollment: $175/month ($4300 value)
best deal for 15 months enrollment: $150/month ($7120 value)

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